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It can be hard to think outside of the box when it comes to luxury wedding centerpieces, and that's OK.

Flowers in simple vases will always look beautiful. It's those unique touches that make your wedding every bit you. That's why we've got so many original wedding decoration and wedding table ideas that'll help you put your very own stamp on your big day. Centerpieces are one of the areas where you can get truly creative with your wedding. Instead of just going for cut flowers, why not choose a fun wedding centerpiece that really reflects your chosen from our unique range.


Martini Vases (60cm)

Total Height: 60cm,

Bowl Diameter: 27.5cm

Lily Vases  (60cm)

Height 60cm,

Diameter Top 6.5cm,

Diameter Base 14cm

Conical Vases (50cm & 70cm)

70cm Conic Taper Vase,

Height 70cm, Diameter Top 11cm,

Diameter Base 13.5cm,

Hurricane Vases: (40cm, 50cm),

Height 40cm,Top Diameter 22cm /

BaseDiameter 16cm,

Crystal Globe

Height 66cm,

Globe Diameter: 20cm,

Base Diameter: 20cm

Cylinder Vases

Height: 20cm 

Diameter: 10cm 

Venus Candleholder

with 5 wicks

Height 60cm

Base Width 16cm,

Fish Bowl

Height: 8.4" (21cm) 

Diameter: 10" (25.4cm)  

Diameter of Opening: 4.4" (11cm) 

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